Our Story

Susie Saltzman has been guiding individuals and couples through the process of designing their dream natural diamond engagement ring for over a decade at Susie Saltzman Fine Jewelry.

After many years of deep research into lab grown diamonds and an understanding that they are the ONLY true alternative to natural diamonds, Susie’s sister brand, Reverence Jewelry, was born.


Reverence offers a more accessible and guaranteed sustainable diamond price point without sacrificing sparkle, durability, or brilliance. 

Initially a home for thoughtfully curated lab-grown diamond engagement rings, Reverence has since expanded to offer a wide range of timeless, heirloom-worthy staple jewelry pieces.

Our hope is for you to get decades of wear out of your coveted Reverence pieces before passing them down for future generations to love and cherish. Jewelry that will come to tell pieces of your story and live on well beyond it. 

Lab grown diamonds are the only alternative to natural diamonds that are real diamonds.

You now have a diamond alternative that doesn’t require you to sacrifice sparkle, durability or brilliance. This allows you to design your dream ring intentionally and even more personally, and we are really excited about it!


Thoughtful Design

Our jewelry is far from cookie cutter. Each piece has been thoughtfully fabricated to be the best in its class. Our design practices hold true to our name and are executed with honor and conscience.


Quality Craftsmanship

All of our jewelry is made with recycled 14K gold and hand-set. Our artisan and jeweler partners have each been thoroughly evaluated to ensure standard and ethical alignment. 


Expert Selection

Each Reverence diamond is ethically sourced and hand-selected. Beyond the diamond, our team conducts rigorous inspections to ensure that the craftsmanship, setting, and finishes meet our highest standards.