Our Process

Reverence Jewelry is the first of its kind to offer a fully bespoke approach to designing and fabricating luxury lab-grown diamond engagement rings and fine jewelry.

From start to finish, our team of experienced designers and diamond experts personally guide you through each step of the creation process to ensure you create your dream keepsake with intention and confidence. 

At Reverence Jewelry, we are committed to offering ethical & sustainably produced diamond jewelry that is made not only for you but with you, thoughtfully crafted here in the heart of NYC.

Our Mission!

Our mission is to make the process of custom designing your jewelry a joyful experience.  One to be looked back upon with sentiment & reverence. 

We are here to provide you with a comprehensive alternative to help you navigate this new space, if selecting a lab-grown diamond for your engagement ring or other special keepsake is the right choice for you.

We educate and guide you through balancing the 4 C’s – Carat, Color, Cut, and Clarity – among other very important aspects, to select your dream lab-grown diamond. Every detail of the custom design process is explored to ensure we design a treasure that can be worn with meaning and adoration.

With our exceptional expertise and network of master craftsmen, we work with you to create a symbol as unique and special as the love you share. There is no other piece of jewelry that is the same. It is one of a kind, like your love.

Sustainably, ethically, and intentionally created to be worn with pride, joy, & meaning.  To be worn with REVERENCE.