Why did we start a custom lab-grown diamond fine jewelry company?

 The founder of Reverence Jewelry, Susie Saltzman, has been guiding individuals and couples through the process of creating their dream engagement ring for over a decade through her namesake brand Susie Saltzman Fine Jewelry

Having worked at Tiffany & Co., exclusively with natural diamonds throughout most of her extensive career, Susie, along with many others, was initially skeptical of this new resource in the market.  It was only after years of research into the different types of lab grown diamonds and understanding their inherent benefits that Susie's mind started to change. 

The more she learned, the more excited she got about this new option in the market! Why?

Because it gives clients the power to CHOOSE.   At Reverence Jewelry we love personalization, education and choice. That is why we emphasize every detail of every custom design!  

Here is what we've learned…. Lab-grown diamonds are the first and ONLY alternative to natural diamonds that are REAL diamonds!

Lab-grown diamonds have the same chemical, physical and optical properties as natural, mined diamonds.

They contain all the sparkle, fire, and durability that a natural diamond is revered for.

Even to the trained eye, it is nearly impossible to tell the visual difference between a lab-grown diamond and a mined diamond.  It often takes special instruments and chemical testing to say definitively whether or not your diamond is lab or mined.

After extensive research, Susie had a lightbulb moment. She realized that she could offer the same connection, education, guidance, and service she has been providing to her loyal clientele for the last decade with LAB-GROWN DIAMONDS too! This would further empower clients with the ability to choose a sustainable, economical alternative, so they could determine what feels right for them.

We are thrilled to be able to offer you the choice of a Lab Grown Diamond. YOU get to weigh the pros and cons and decide what is important to you.

  • Size?
  • Quality?
  • Design?
  • Sustainability?
  • Price?
  • Sentiment?

The choice is yours. And we are here to guide you through the details.

Your love story is your own. Write it with Reverence Jewelry.

Our Vision

Reverence Jewelry is proudly offering a bespoke approach to lab-grown engagement rings and fine jewelry.

The world is changing, and so are we. Constantly growing, evolving, improving. Moving into the future with hope and love and passion.

And our dedicated team of experts are SO excited by all the possibilities created by the lab-grown diamond market.


For the first time ever, there is an alternative to a natural diamond that is a REAL diamond!  

Lab-grown diamonds have the same chemical, optical, and physical properties as natural mined diamonds.

They contain all the sparklefire, and durability that a natural diamond is known for.

Even to the trained eye, it is nearly impossible to tell the difference between a lab-grown diamond and a natural diamond, unless special instruments and chemical testing are involved.

The difference is, lab-grown diamonds are grown in a laboratory at a much faster speed than natural, earth-mined diamonds. They are intrinsically less rare, and therefore lab-grown diamonds can be purchased at a much more affordable price than a natural diamond! Additionally, all of the lab-grown diamonds we work with are all ethically produced and environmentally sustainable, making them a choice you can feel proud of.

Lab grown diamonds are the first and only alternative to natural diamonds that are real diamonds. They offer an alternative choice without giving up any of the sparkle, shine, and brilliance.

This creates a world of possibilities and opens our offering to more amazing couples looking to make this intentional choice, and we are so excited about it!

Meet Our Founder!

Our founder, Susie Saltzman, has been working with clients for over a decade to design their dream ring, select their diamond, and fabricate their ring with her network of expert craftsmen in New York City.

She is thrilled to be launching her new brand Reverence Jewelry, where she is able to offer this same bespoke experience within the lab-grown diamond market!

At the end of the day, what makes Susie happy is connection and creation. Honoring the connection you and your special someone continue to grow, and forming new connections with you personally as she guides you through this special experience of creating your dream ring.

Susie’s goal is to help her clients feel personally guided through the diamond selection and custom design experience. Along the way, her favorite, most meaningful memories have been tied to each of the clients she works with and their unique stories.

Her hope is that the feeling and memories you associate with creating your ring or keepsake are a meaningful part of your journey you will look back fondly on, different than if you simply walked into a store or purchased a ring online.

Susie and her dedicated team are so excited to embark on this journey and be able to offer our new brand, where we can reach an even larger audience and create beautiful diamond jewelry for those who proudly choose a lab-grown diamond for the many special benefits they have.

Ready to embark on your journey to #HappilyReverenceAfter?

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